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If I had a rocket launcher...

some son of a bitch would pay.

26 May
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i'm a heavy metal hippie mama with a heart of silver and laudanum.

i have combat boot feet and a few pieces misplaced.

a totally unapologetic humanist new york city** fuckup with nothing to lose... trying to avoid banality at all costs.
i'm not doing so well.

**seems i've found myself in texas. it's [vadania|her] fault.


[i used to write good poetry, but i've lost my words these days.]

speaking of which, i moderate poetry_orgy. write with us.

er, them. whatever. unimportant. write.


friends only. no dramatic photoshopped graphic.
i don't update nearly as much as i used to, and i'm not a rampant commenter, but i read.
goddamn, do i read.


if i were half the woman i used to be, i'd kick your ass and play bass licks on your grave, but now i use words like "delightful."

yeah... fuck you, too.


"but if you really want
a revolution
learn how to change
your internal chemistry
then go beyond that

walk down the streets
& flash light at

-------------d.a. levy
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